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Bitupdate Review - View Faucet List 2024

  • Creation Date: November 10, 2023
  • Name: Bitupdate
  • Owner Name: quyenthcs
  • Site URL:
  • Paid Amount Last 60 Minute: 6.11818896 $
  • Paid Amount Today: 13.06772019 $
  • Activer User: 0
  • Total User Paid: 99
Popularity and Trust


Global Average

What is Bitupdate? is a cryptocurrency website where you can get free cryptocurrency, you can earn BTC, DOGE and LTC every day.

You just need to visit the site and complete a simple task (solve captcha, shortlink or view ads) for receive a small amount of cryptocurrencies in each time interval. started using faucetpay as a new payment microwallet on November 10, 2023 10:28:09, allowing its users to receive payments more quickly with a lower cost in the transaction.

What is Faucetpay?

FaucetPay is a legitimate micro wallet for different cryptocurrencies, where you can store all your micropayments.

By using a micropayment system, it's easier for a faucet owner to send you microtransactions and it saves you the fees by bundling the transactions as well.

FaucetPay is now the largest and most popular micro wallet.

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Today's statistics today July 20, 2024 has paid 13.06772019$, has 0 active users and has paid 99 users.

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Is trusted?

In principle, most sites that offer payments through faucetpay are considered legitimate, however, many times these sites can run out of funds or stop working for different reasons.

We can confirm if is legit or a scam by the status of the website.

View Faucet List collects useful information from the crypto faucet list on a frequent basis, reviews the most popular sites and generates a rating, to help you find reliable and popular faucets, so you can earn more cryptocurrencies.

we have rated with 7.356 for popularity, user satisfaction and payment compliance.

Due to the score of this site, we consider that is active.

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The owner of this faucet (quyenthcs) also operates other faucets. consult the list of alternatives created by quyenthcs, to see more information.

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Statistics and Details the

Currency Score. Claim Time Last Payment Time Paid Today Active Users History
7.356 ~ 5 Mins < 60Mins. 4.35590673 $ 0 See more
7.356 ~ 5 Mins < 60Mins. 4.35590673 $ 0 See more
7.356 ~ 5 Mins < 60Mins. 4.35590673 $ 0 See more

Bitupdate Alternatives Created by Same Team (quyenthcs)

Name Score. Last Paid Creation Wallet Action
7.356 < 60Mins. 2023-11-10 FaucetPay View


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